Cozy cat mug watercolor logo by balkeni studio

Watercolor logo illustration for hygge mood

Premade logo illustration for lifestyle and food bloggers

A hand-painted, cute, illustrative watercolor logo for those who love hot chocolate, winters, cozy-ness and the hygge lifestyle.

Bringing you a cup full of warm, delicious hot chocolate that has 0 calories. As a premade blog logo, you can let your unique style shine through by letting your audience know your style.

Filled with beautiful colours, and a cute kitten mug to add more personality to this chic logo design. If watercolours and illustrations are your jam, you'll love this.

We'd love to help with any customisations you need, please get in touch with what you need customised and we'll give you an appropriate estimate for the changes. Each Revision costs from $5-$15.

Yes, we do. Payment plans are available at 3/6/9 months with 10%/15%/15% interest rates respectively.

Yes, we are happy to help with colour customisations. You will be required to purchase this listing after you have purchased the premade logo: Custom Work: Minor Customisations.

Premade logos are affordable, but not one-of-a-kind. These logos are resold to other customers as well and thus cannot be trademarked. If you want something you can trademark, consider getting a custom logo designed by us.

Category or Use: Personal, Advertising, Promotional, Editorial and Corporate.

Medium Of Use: Website, Online, Social Media and Print

Any usage rights not exclusively granted are reserved to the Designer. Usage beyond that granted to the Client herein shall require payment of a mutually agreed-upon additional fee subject to all terms.
Any grant of rights is conditional upon receipt of full payment. Upon receipt of full payment, Designer shall deliver digital files necessary to enable Client’s usage rights granted herein.
Designer retains the right to display all work created by Designer for this Project in Designer’s Portfolios, including in print and online, and to submit such work to design periodicals and competitions.

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