Do you want to migrate away from feedburner?

Recently Google announced that Feedburner is going to stop all non-core functionalities, one of them being the automatic RSS to email feature in July 2021.

If you need help with Feedburner feed transfer to platforms like, Flodesk, MailChimp or mailerlite then this is the service you need. I'll make the process seamless for you and ensure everything is working just as needed.

We help set-up and integrtion with the following platforms:

  • Flodesk
  • MailChimp
  • Mailerlite
  • Yes, but this is a special discounted rate for bloggers that use our templates. If you'd like to get this service but don't use a template from our store, you'll have to see our purchase our service here (You'll find it under the Tech Help section of our services and it's called Feedburner Transfer Service). It will cost you $180.

    Of course! I wrote an in-depth post explaining everything that's going on with feedburner here.

    It's easy! You can get in touch here.

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    NOTE : If you are purchasing from India please use the link below.